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Corporate Retreats


About our Corporate Retreats

Epona Rise Retreat Center offers a unique and nature-based facility, perfect for off-site corporate retreats that are looking for a venue that inspires connection, visioning and coming together as a team.

Our facility is located 15 minutes from Sun Peaks Ski Resort and 40 minutes from Kamloops, making our space ideal for both convenience and also offering a place in nature with an unplugged environment.

The rental of our facility includes the full exclusive use of our facility, cabins and 80 acres of nature to facilitate and host your corporate retreat. Our corporate packages look to give you an experience of true hospitality and a venue to make your stay here as seamless and inspiring as possible.

Team Building Through Equine Assisted Learning

Add an equine team building package as part of your retreat. Our equine assisted learning experiences are a unique feature to our facility. As prey animals, horses have a high sensitivity and ability to read the energy of everything that comes into their environment. Horses are non judgmental and provide unbiased and instant feedback based on how they are experiencing our impact. Our equine assisted learning experiences are built around the feedback we receive with horses and what we can learn from our interaction with them. Our herd of 27 rescue horses also provides a unique opportunity to observe a natural hierarchy that can reflect to us what a functional and effective team looks like. With horses many of the dysfunctions we find in our human teams, don’t exist.

The Equine Connection

In our observation with this equine connection we learn lot about increasing the functionality of a team, and how we communicate with one another and how to read and respond to the feedback we are getting from one another. With horses we learn how to read non verbal communication skills, how to give and receive feedback in a way that is receivable and easily absorbed and how to be more self aware of the impact we have on each other. All interactions with our herd is done on the ground, the horses are a medium for us to learn about ourselves as human beings, leaders and as a team. No previous horse experience is necessary. What we receive in the interactions with horses, is unlike anything you will experience and is not something we can experience between one another as purely as we can with a horse.



Beautiful meals around our 20-seat custom wood dinner table to nourish your whole team. Our chef will customize a menu that fits your tastes and budget. Our staff will be on hand to serve and cater to your group. Our food service is an important part of any corporate, or wellness retreat, ensuring that your team is well fed and nourished, to support your learning and experience.