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One of the most unique Places in north america

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Our Story…

In 2015 we purchased Epona Rise Retreat Center. We had a simple purpose in mind, to find, build, and create a place where entrepreneurs, thinkers, and people of all walks of life could gather, connect and find peace, inspiration and solace in a beautiful natural environment, Nestled in a forest, close to Sun Peaks Ski Resort, Epona Rise Retreat Center is this place.

In addition to being a place to gather and connect we are an equine facility that specializes in equine assisted learning experiences, . We have a herd of 27 horses that live together and roam the land as they wish. We run programs that allow people to interact and connect with this large herd. In addition, many of the horses at our facility have been rescued from neglect and every guest’s stay helps to contribute to the care of these animals.

We are also an accommodation center that allows groups to rent our facility and simply enjoy our property and all it has to offer. Our intended purpose is for wellness retreat groups, families, and corporate organizations to come, experience, and find inspiration, and/or take part in one of our equine assisted learning programs if they wish. We invite you to experience Epona Rise Retreat Center


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Beyond amazing!
Today with the horses, was a truly incredible experience, words can’t express how transformative and empowering it was


Located in British Columbia, situated 15 minutes from Canada’s second largest ski resort, Sun Peaks Resort, and 45 minutes from Kamloops Airport. Epona Rise is an 80 acre property lying within a lush mountainous valley.



8 boutique cabins sleep 26 guests with additional guest accommodation options available



Our Grand lodge is the focal point to meet, connect, and relax, for the weekend or the week.

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Equine Programs

Connect and interact with a herd of 27 rescue horses. Our equine assisted learning programs are the first of their kind in North America. Add an unforgettable equine experience package to your next group event.