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Epona Rise Love

My experience with the horses was unmistakably powerful. Hillary provides a safe and special space to allow participants to have a full, open experience that allows for deep reflection and personal learning. The awareness I gained from my experience with the horses will change how I interact in the world and allow me to grow and be a more well rounded person. It is clear to me how powerful nature, an open space and wild animals can shift my own perceptions of who I am in the world. Hillary’s passion and dedication to your personal growth is evident in her care and attention to her programs and to you! I implore you to give it a try!
— Andrea, Langley BC

Today with the horses, was a truly incredible experience, words can’t express how transformative and empowering it was… all my love and gratitude to Hillary Schneider!
— Christina Carrick

For the first time in I can’t even tell you how long, I felt alive again today. Ever since Saturday I am feeling so much more grounded and positive, I am still awestruck by what happened today, and the transformation that took place within my body and my heart.
— Carolyn Creed, Vancouver BC

Hillary has an amazing intuitive sense when it comes to people and the horses. It is awe inspiring to see how she approaches the horses. I was terrified of horses and Hillary was able to gently overcome my fear. Not only overcome but connect with the horses! It is difficult to describe how empowering it was to be with the horses and feel no fear. Thanks Hillary, a new adventure with horses and I can’t wait!
— Bev Campbell, Calgary AB

Hillary is kind, gifted and generous - a truly amazing person. She has a special ability to facilitate healing and self discovery for people by having them work with her horses, in either individual or group sessions. The session exceeded my expectations 100 fold. I highly recommend Epona Rise Retreat Center to anyone who is looking to have insight into their life, and enjoy her majestic horses, even if you have doubts, like I did. It was transformative.
— Rick Rose, Toronto ON

Beyond amazing! Each of the horses have their own story and the facilitator, Hillary, is a beautiful soul. It was life changing and affirming for me.
— Maureen Nash, Vancouver BC

I want to thank you and your extraordinary horses from my heart, for a life-altering and affirming connection yesterday. The memories and brilliant impact will surely last my lifetime. The energy between the horses and Hillary and I, felt like a soulful interaction that went beyond mere words and straight to our hearts. My fear of horses has melted away as the horses themselves guided me to my core and thus, home.  I am forever grateful.
— Lorraine Mock, Ladner BC

My experience with Hillary and her beautiful horses at the Epona Rise Retreat Center is hard to put into words. I did not know what to expect from the experience but what I left with was beyond my imagination. It is quite amazing how each horse chooses us. They “know”. It is that simple. The power of my experience with the white mare has stayed with me and I have made her a crew member of mine. I call on her when I need that inner strength and wisdom and as a reminder of my own power and grace.
— Joanna Kovats, Vancouver BC

I am still in a state of wonder actually! I feel such gratitude for Hillary and the horses. Their collective wisdom, patience and gentle nudging led me to a place of wonder, a place of deep reflection. They beautifully and patiently helped to open up a space within me that allowed me to trust, to breathe, to release and to see. I will continue to hold and deepen the energy of this space until I am called to visit again. What a gift to know that we can all access the miracles that are waiting for us at Epona Rise!
— Sarah Kelley, Vancouver BC

Working with Hillary is true healing from the inside. It is difficult to find words for the transformation that happens at Epona Rise but it will leave an imprint of spaciousness, opportunity and possibility. If you are looking to breakthrough any areas in your life, Hillary and her herd are the ones to gently take you there.
— Nicole Tingley, Vancouver BC