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The Unbridled Leader Retreat- Sept 29th-Oct 1st


The Unbridled Leader 

A 3-day retreat through the lens of Evolutionary Leadership – partnering with horses in the practice of Self Leadership and improved human connectivity for the sake of revolutionizing your life!

We believe everyone is a Leader every moment and day of our lives.   Leadership is not elicited through roles or hierarchy.  It’s a practice, a mindset, a come from, an authentic way of living, it’s yours to own and claim.  How do we step into our authentic leadership? What is it for you and how do we create a sustainable practice that fully utilizes our natural power, attributes and empowered belief systems? 

The  Unbridled Leader retreat is the first of four, all inclusive, residential retreat programs.  It’s an evolutionary journey in the practice of self-leadership and human connectivity learned through self-authorship of one’s belief systems as you work towards self-mastery of one’s life experiences. It’s a unique look at you as a Leader, unconstrained in your authenticity and not controlled by your self-imposed or societal belief systems.


Why horses?  

Horses are prey animals and in their nature highly sensitive and attuned to their environment.  They read us on the subtle and non-verbal cues that we are putting out; yes, they can read energetic fields and communicate amongst themselves, nonverbally,  all day long.   This highly evolved social and emotional skill set is inherent and necessary for their survival.  Through hands on experience in all of our Retreats they act as mirrors of Leadership for us.  They are also highly social beings and model consensual leadership when living in their natural herd state; leadership in motion, at play, at all times. 



 This is not only evolutionary work (behaviour changing), it can be revolutionary work (context changing)!   Are your beliefs working for you?  Are they shaping your life, your career, relationships?  Are they getting the results you want or the results others want?  Are you noticing patterns and behavior that need to shift and change to reflect a more authentic version of you?  Are you at a crossroads not feeling engaged or fulfilled and at times alone, misunderstood?  Are there areas in your life where you’re avoiding the “ it's too hard” basket?  If any of this resonates then this program is for you.  The Unbridled Leader  can be taken as a stand-alone, independent of the whole Evolutionary Leadership journey!

What’s possible for you…

What is possible for you if you chose to unbridle your emotions, expand your nonverbal communication skills  and ride or walk beside your true self on an everyday basis vs the occasional ride you may find yourself on?

Using the soft skills of “horse sense” let us introduce you to the authentic horse you ride around on everyday, your innate inner authority, your Unbridled Leader. 

Through raised awareness and understanding, as well as hands on physical experience and ongoing conditioning you will learn to tap into unrealized potential, power, expanded awareness and most importantly, peace of mind.

Outcomes of the unbridled retreat

  • An understanding between when you are being/speaking from your False self vs your Authentic self.   Also known as negative and positive conversations which fuel our belief systems.
  • Discernment of limiting (negative) belief systems vs empowered, (positive) authentic, unbridled belief systems.
  • Recognize wounds that may need healing, release them and be at choice with their context not serving you any longer.
  • Understand when you are congruent, when you are not, and what does that feel/look like.
  • An understanding of where/how you impact performance in your life or in contradiction to your leadership
  • Hands on opportunity to interrogate your reality, to provoke learning and look at tackling some of your toughest leadership challenges 
  • Discover what leadership means for you and step into your Unbridled potential
  • The horses will mirror for you the context in which you experience your internal conversations.  They level with us, and in our co-facilitation of their non-verbal communication blended with the context of the program, reality is so simple and compelling that you cannot help but recognize the truth.  It is then for you to discern if your truths get in your way or for you to notice where you may be deflecting or ignoring them because you fear living fully unbridled and willing to have those fierce conversations with yourself.

In this program, Hillary Schneider and Sue Jordon partner with a natural herd of horses who are masters at reading and knowing intention and authenticity vs what isn’t, as well as validating and creating authentic human connection. The horses respond accordingly to our unconscious behaviour patterns you may be leading from.   We call it 360 profiles or feedback in the moment that you can’t really argue with as the horses hold no ego or judgement!  This co-facilitated teaching methodology provides participants with direct, clear feedback and leadership experiences with skills woven through the context that you practice while in retreat and can take back into your everyday lives/roles/relationships.



Friday September 29 - Sunday October 1st


The retreat takes place at Epona Rise Retreat Center, a beautiful 80 acre facility which includes a breath-taking lodge and cabins for your stay, located 40 minutes north of Kamloops British Columbia

What’s included:

All materials and full day masterful facilitation of all three in person days

Accommodations for up to 5 nights and healthy vibrant meals to sustain your retreat experience.

What’s unique with this program is we know there will be obstacles and the process of homeostasis as you release old ways and take these new learnings into your life.  Therefore we offer ongoing group support as well as two personal 60 minute coaching sessions within the first 6 weeks, post retreat.   (For participants registered in all four retreats this is an ongoing service of one coaching session per month over the twelve months).  You can also purchase ongoing coaching independent of the retreat(s).


$2500 CDN + tax ($500 non refundable deposit is due upon registration, payment plans can be arranged for the remaining cost.)

*All experiences with the horses are done on the ground, no previous horse experience is necessary.

Due to the intensive nature of this retreat, limited spaces are available.



Your Retreat Hosts and Facilitators:

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Hillary Schneider:

Hillary is a leadership coach, equine guided facilitator and founder of Epona Rise Retreat Center. She has been immersed in the field of equine guided coaching and leadership for the last 7 years and has a passion for bringing forward their teaching especially around leadership to develop more consciousness, aware and forward thinking leaders in our collective. Hillary has a passion for awakening and unbridling others in their leadership as a way to encourage deeper fulfillment, on purpose living and success in the lives and the businesses we are called to build through a deepening of sense of self.

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Susan Jordon CPCC, ACC:

Sue is a leadership coach, equine guided facilitator and founder of Unbridling your Leadership. She has also founded  the Equine Partnership Project, a cause to raise awareness to the profound relationships horses have partnered with us humans on to serve our growth while being life partners and endeared companions to many of us. Sue has an extensive background in business and entrepreneurial ventures and currently is responsible for Business Development in Western NA for The Coaches Training Institute. A lifelong lover of nature, animals and especially horses, a Horsewoman! She is blending her business, professional leadership and coach training backgrounds and bridging the horses into her work with her clients for their personal leadership development and growth through the applied and experiential wisdom of the herd.