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Equine Experience



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At Epona Rise Retreat Center, we are proud to offer the very unique experience of sharing space with horses at liberty. Our herd of horses are powerful teachers of impact, leadership, and brilliance.

What makes our equine experiences unique is that they are all done on the ground, allowing you to build leadership and self-awareness, with the horses as your guide. As prey animals, horses are naturally highly sensitive and attuned to their environment. Because of that heightened sensitivity, they are able to read the undercurrents that are being projected into their space, by both natural predators and anyone that enters into their environment.

When you enter into the space of the herd, they are reading you - subtly, powerfully, and with intent. How they respond to you and a group has a direct connection to what that person or group is projecting into the space. In this act of mirroring, you receive powerful affirmation and instant feedback on how you show up in the space and impact it.

As humans, it is rare that we get a completely unbiased and pure mirror of ourselves, absent of ego and opinion. Horses are purely responding to the core intent of each person that enters their space. Without filters, they provide you with a mirror of instant feedback so you can become more aware and conscious of how you are showing up and more importantly, what impact you are having on the space and people around you.

Think you are leading congruently and effectively? The horse will show you exactly how you are showing up. Unsure how you are impacting the space and how to be more effective in your leading? The horse will show you. Instantly. In the moment. So you are able to really feel into what is congruent for you and what is not.

Part of the equine experience is also to develop a great awareness and knowledge of our own instincts, on a more intuitive level, and learn how to be more in tune to the subtleties of non verbal communication.

If you are looking for a powerful experience that is going to give you unbiased feedback and a greater depth of knowledge into your own leadership, brilliance, and awareness; there is nothing quite equal to being in direct connection and communication with the horse.

Since all of our interactions are done on the ground, safely held by our masterful facilitation, no previous horse experience is necessary. We create custom equine experiences to suit the unique needs of each group that is looking to add this powerful element to their own retreat or workshop. This includes half and full day facilitation opportunities with Hillary and the herd.

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