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What's Your Next Great Corporate Retreat Idea?

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Figuring out what your next great corporate retreat idea can prove to be a challenge. What is your goal? What learning and team building elements do you wish to incorporate? How about the location? Gathering everyone up in a place that is both convenient and practical is not always easy, and this is after accounting for budgetary constraints. Perhaps you've never invested in a team building experience and you would like to but you are not sure of the return on investment and whether you can tangibly see the long term benefit. However, you see this not as an exact and quantifiable experience but more of a morale booster and one that can help demonstrate how much you value your employees.

Start With a Goal

When organizing a retreat the very first thing to assess is your goal. For example, at Epona Rise Retreat Center we've had a number of companies who have used our space for strategy and product development. These types of organizations have had very rigid and organized schedules. The mornings consisted of a catered breakfast and by nine they were engaged in product development and brainstorming sessions. The evenings would be more relaxed but by dinner time they would be discussing strategy, over food and wine. And part of the last day might be a golf excursion. These more rigid company retreats are in contrast to other corporate retreats we've hosted at our facility. Some companies choose to make their experience more about team bonding and connection. 

Find a Great Location and Facility

Whether it's a large group cabin rental in the mountains or a five star hotel in the city, choosing a great location is key to a great experience. Depending on your objectives, finding a place that is free of distraction will help you get more work done and improve connection building. Additionally, a place that has a great layout is also important. 

Having a large meeting room or place where your team can socialize, strategize or just gather, is paramount. This can be a challenge if you’re thinking about using a hotel. You can rent meeting rooms or work in another colleagues hotel room but this can prove to be inconvenient and awkward. It’s important for your team to have exclusive use of comfortable and private gathering places. A focal point where you can dine and also work and have breakout groups is something to consider. Having exclusive use of a lodge and indoor and outdoor spaces can help create a focused environment and perhaps will help generate that new bright idea.