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We are an 80 acre ranch in the picturesque Heffley Creek Valley, in the mountain interior of British Columbia, Canada. Along with the beauty of our acreage, our ranch comes complete with a stunning guest lodge, industrial catering kitchen, eight rustic cabins with custom wood furnishings.  In addition to hosting our own retreats, we provide opportunities for retreat rental and accommodation to those looking for a unique and transformational setting for their events and getaways.

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Looking for a beautiful and picturesque setting in nature to host your retreat or workshop? Our ranch offers a stunning lodge and cabins, settled in 80 acres and is unique in its rustic beauty. It is a retreat experience that promotes stillness and transformation, along with the wild element of nature and horses at your doorstep. Epona Rise Retreat Center is where experiential learning meets comfort and the power of nature.


Horse Rescue

Our herd of rescued and retired horses cannot be ridden or “employed” in the traditional sense.  These horses come here to be able to live their lives as horses should - in a herd with space and access to all that they need for well-being. We reconnect them with purpose and connection through facilitated personal growth and leadership work. Follow the latest story of adoption here:



The equine experience is a powerful and unique element to our retreat center, and one that we believe creates a lasting impact. Along with our herd of truly dedicated four-legged teachers, we offer custom equine experiences for those that are looking to add a highly transformational edge to their retreat.